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Tks gan GPS Garmin 158i nya sudah diterima dan dites siap pakai ndak ada kendala pengiriman juga cepat begitu ditransfer langsung dikirim tks ya

Om Nasihun... Terima kasih ya jam tangan GPS Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire with metal band nya udah saya terima...Mantap banget... Bayar hari ini barang langsung kirim.. 2 hari udah nyampe...sip plaza GPS.... detail

muhammad jaidi
Mas nasihun.. thank u mlm transaksi siangnya barang sdh nyampe... gps garmin 64s and celestron 70 eq nya sdh sampe dengan selamat... thank u,, pelayanan sangat memuaskan plaza gps..

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product arrow Drone DJI PHANTOM 4




The Phantom 4’s sleek and aerodynamically designed body minimizes buffeting when flying in strong winds and against gusts from any angle, keeping its movements predictable and precise. The deeply integrated gimbal and the new placement of battery lift Phantom 4’s center of gravity, improving balance, enhancing agility and adding more accuracy to how it reacts to your commands.


The Phantom 4 is flexible enough to meet different flying demands. In Position mode you can use satellite and Vision Positioning, TapFly, ActiveTrack and Intelligent Flight Modes. Sport mode adds extra agility and speed, reaching 45mph (72kph) while maintaining satellite and Vision Positioning systems. Atti holds the Phantom’s altitude and level but switches off satellite positioning making it ideal for smooth film making movements.



High efficiency motors and a custom designed large capacity battery offers 5350mah of power, giving the Phantom 4 a 28* minute flying time. Integrated power management, balanced charging capabilities plus smart charge and discharge protection keep the battery easy to charge and ready to fly at maximum capacity.  Integrated Lightbridge technology allows you to see what the Phantom sees in 720p HD at up to 3.1mi (5km)** away. This low latency video transmission technology is extremely resistant to interference, giving you more control over your flight.
*In calm conditions with constant speed.
**Maximum range tested in unobstructed areas free of interference and may vary depending on local regulations.



We all use our eyes to see and interact with the world. A forward Obstacle Sensing System gives the Phantom 4 it its own pair of eyes, empowering it to see in three dimensions and to react. In Normal Mode if it sees an obstacle coming close it will stop and hover. In TapFly, ActiveTrack and Smart Return Home modes it will avoid the obstacle, or hover to avoid a collision. It also gives you warnings so you always know what is happening to the Phantom. The downward facing Vision Positioning module contains dual cameras and dual ultrasonic sensors to offer five times more positioning accuracy than previous systems. Used indoors, it provides a GPS-like flying experience, giving you the confidence you need to fly indoors.



In TapFly mode, all you have to do to fly is tap on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. To change the direction of flight, you can simply tap the screen to fly anywhere. Flying using control sticks and maintaining altitude, course and speed can be challenging, so TapFly takes over all of these controls for you leaving you to focus on your shot. Using its Obstacle Sensing System, the Phantom 4 can fly places you might not have gone before, to create dynamic and inspiring footage. Through DJI GO you can also activate Smart Return Home which allows the Phantom to avoid obstacles as it returns.


ActiveTrack makes science fiction a reality. Whether you are running, driving, rafting and more, the Phantom 4 uses an advanced combination of computer vision, object recognition and machine learning to track you as you go. Circling a moving object used to only be achievable by the most seasoned of pilots, now everyone can do it with a flick of the thumb. The entire time that ActiveTrack is running obstacle avoidance is too, so it will decide whether it should continue following, avoid an obstacle or simply stop.



Capture moments that will last a lifetime or take aerial film making to a higher level with the powerful Phantom 4 camera, featuring 4K video capture at 30 frames per second and Full HD 1080p at 120 frames per second for smooth slow motion. An aspherical lens with a 94° field of view (FOV) reduces distortion by 36% and chromatic aberration by 56% when compared to a Phantom 3. A hyperfocal length of one meter allows you to get closer to objects while keeping them in pin-sharp focus.



A total of 10 color profiles are available to give you the look you need or the image data you want. These range from a Vivid mode that amplifies color and contrast to create videos that look incredible without extra processing, to Cine-D and D-Log modes offering high dynamic range footage for professionals, providing the best color space for post-production. The power to edit is also essential for professional photography, so the Phantom 4 boasts not just 12 megapixel photos but also Adobe DNG RAW support as well as lens profiles built straight into to Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.



The Phantom 4’s camera is equipped with the latest in camera stabilization systems. Featuring a specially designed u-frame structure that provides better stabilization. Its movements are controlled by a Gimbal Control Unit that is in constant communication with both the gimbal’s Inertial Measurement Unit and the Phantom 4’s flight controller so that it can prepare for the Phantom 4’s movements before they happen. This gimbal is accurate to a highly precise ±0.03°, coupled with custom designed dampers, it ensures smooth chinematic footage


The Phantom 4 draws on up to 24 satellites to give you more accuracy and a faster connection to satellites, keeping you in complete control of your flight. Using a combination of GPS and GLONASS it is completely aware of its starting point,location and relation to you during flight. This intelligence means it knows its last position, provides Return to Home, shows you where it is on a map and much more.



Information recorded includes complete flight routes, duration, distance, location, and speed so you can playback a previous flight path and even check your control stick movements. Cached versions of any photos and videos taken during your flights are kept at your fingertips for future reference. At the same time, an advanced flight recorder constantly records data from its internal mechanisms, which you can choose to share with the DJI support team if you ever have any questions or issues.



On rare occasions, inconsistencies in compass or IMU data can affect the way an aircraft behaves. The Phantom 4 features dual compass modules and dual Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) that allow it to constantly compare the data it is receiving through both pairs. This data is run through advanced algorithms to check accuracy and any inaccurate data is simply discarded without affecting flight.



The Phantom 4’s Beginner mode limits beginner flyers to 100ft (30m) up and away. It also prevents camera tilt controls to allow new pilots to familiarize themselves with flying before adding more distance and camera control. When Beginner mode is switched off, the Phantom 4 will default to a maximum flight altitude of 390ft (120m) above the takeoff point. This can be adjusted to a maximum of 1640ft (500m). You can also set your own maximum distance.



Designed with sensitive control sticks, dedicated buttons, and up to 3.1 mile

(5km)*range, the Phantom 4 remote controller makes shooting images with the Phantom 4 almost as easy holding a camera in your hands. It features dedicated controls for shutter release, start/stop video recording, a pause button to freeze your Phantom in the air during autonomous flight modes, a dial for gimbal pitch and a dial for camera settings. It also has two customizable buttons so you can tailor your flying experience.
*Maximum range tested in open areas free of interference and may vary depending on local regulations.



The new prop mounts of the Phantom 4 allow each prop to be mounted more quickly and securely than before, requiring a simple push and twist to attach or release instead of screwing down each prop. This security allows the Phantom 4 to fly with more overall agility. Built from a durable composite material, each prop is durable enough to withstand many hours of flight.

3 November 2017
Montana 680 dan 680t memang serupa hanya dengan sedikit perbedaan dalam hal peta paket dan kapasitas memori built-in. Keduanya memiliki peta dasar, tapi hanya 680t Montana yang hadir dengan TOPO 100K yang sudah dimuat. Yang terakhir ini memiliki kapasitas memori built-in yang lebih besar dengan 8GB juga. Untuk spesifikasi lebihnya kedua GPS ini sama. detail

11 Oktober 2017
Review Perbedaan Forerunner 935 dan Forerunner 735XT
Garmin baru-baru ini meluncurkan produk baru seperti GPS Watch Vivovit JR 2 dan Forerunner 935. Pada artikel kali ini saya akan bahas perbedaan Forerunner 935 dengan Forerunner 735XT. Kenapa harus bahas kedua produk tersebut? Padahal kan produk yang baru Vivovit JR 2. Karna Forerunner 935 termasuk GPS Premium Running / Triathlon Watch dengan Wrist-based Heart Rate begitu juga dengan forerunner 735XT tapi memiliki fitur multisport. detail

23 September 2017
tutorial pembuatan rute via google earth detail

20 September 2017
Perbedaan Garmin Nuvi 55LM, Nuvi 65LM, dan Nuvi 2567LM
Kini fitur navigasi sudah tersedia pada smatrphone canggih, tapi apabila kita ingin menggunakan navigasi yang akurat untuk petunjuk alamat yang belum dikunjungi sebelumnya fitur navigasi yang ada dismartphone rasanya sangat kurang. Berikut tipe-tipe navigasi yang barangkali cocok digunakan untuk anda. detail

31 Juli 2017
Keunggulan Garmin GPS 64s yang Wajib dimiliki oleh Pecinta Travelling
Travelling merupakan hobby yang paling disukai oleh kebanyakan orang. Tapi terkadang pada saat kita travelling lokasi yang akan dituju tidak sesuai pada maps yang tertera di smartphone alhasil perjalanan bisa jadi tersasar. Maka dari itu kita harus punya GPS yang sangat akurat sekali untuk mengetahui posisi kita walaupun lokasinya jauh dari lingkungan masyarakat. detail

7 Juli 2017
Perbedaan Leica Disto D2 New dengan Leica Disto D1
Pada artikel kali ini saya akan mendeskripsikan Leica Disto D2 New beserta dengan perbedaan Leica Disto D1, Karena laser meter ini kecil dan bisa dimasukan kedalam saku maka pada saat penggunaanya sangat praktis hingga hasil pengukurannya pun akurat. detail

20 Juni 2017
Merajut Kebersamaan 2017
Alhamdulillah Puji Syukur kepada Tuhan Yang Maha Esa, tahun ini keluarga besar Plaza Gps diberikan umur yang panjang serta raga yang sehat, sehingga bisa berbuka bersama di Saung Serpong pada tahun 2017 ini. Kami keluarga besar Plaza Gps selalu mengedepankan sifat kekeluargaan baik itu karyawan maupun atasan tidak ada perbedaan ataupun rasa canggung diantara kami, hingga kami mencintai apa yang kami kerjakan saat ini. Hidangan yang begitu banyak rasanya tak cukup untuk kami nikmati tanpa adanya keluarga dari masing-masing karyawan, canda tawa tak ada habisnya disaat itu baik anak-anak maupun orang tua. detail

7 Juni 2017
Penggunaan singkat GPS GARMIN 78s detail

5 Juni 2017
Tutorial penggunaan singkat LEICA D110 detail

5 Juni 2017
Penggunaan leica disto X310 detail

5 Juni 2017
Penggunaan singkat leica disto D2 detail

2 Juni 2017
Tutorial/penggunaan singkat GPS GARMIN RINO 650 detail

1 Juni 2017
tutorial penggunaan GPS GARMIN eTrex Touch 35
Penggunaan simple GPS garmin eTrex touch 35 detail

31 Mei 2017
Harga Drone Dibawah Satu Jutaan Beserta Spesifikasinya
Pengen gaya? Pengen buat vlog tapi modal cameranya murah dan gak jauh keren dari pembuatan film-film keren? Oke gan dan sist disini ane akan bagi infonya. Pertama kalian para agan dan sista harus bener-bener baca spesifikasinya, yang pasti bakalan bikin WoW bacanya karna fitur-fiturnya yang keren… Dijamin W O W…. Woooww……….. detail

31 Mei 2017
tutorial penggunaan leica disto D510

12 Mei 2017
Garmin 64sc, GPS Handheld Kokoh dengan Kamera Flash 8MP dan Geotagging
Hal yang unik dari model ini, GPSMAP 64sc memiliki layar warna transflektif 2,6 inci baru yang dapat dibaca di bawah sinar matahari. GPS dengan sensitivitas tinggi dan penerima GLONASS memiliki antena quad helix untuk memastikan penerimaan yang kuat. GPS dan GLONASS digunakan bersamaan berarti Anda dapat menahan sinyal di hutan dan di daerah tebing, ditambah lagi GPS ini memiliki waktu akuisisi sinyal lebih cepat. Fitur baru lainnya termasuk kompas elektronik 3 sumbu dengan akselerometer dan altimeter barometrik. detail

18 April 2017
Spesikasi Teknis Nikon Nivo 5M
Total Station Nikon Nivo 5M adalah total station dengan kemampuan reflektorless bisa mengukur tanpa menggunakan prisma sampai jarak 500 meter. Type Nivo 5M merupakan type legendaris dengan keyboard dua muka dilengkapi dengan dua buah batere yang bisa sehingga bisa dipakai dalam waktu yang lama. detail

22 Februari 2016
Forerunner 225: Running Watch Terjangkau dengan Fitur Memukau
Forerunner merupakan seri jam tangan sport besutan Garmin yang rilis pada tahun 2003. Kali ini Garmin menciptakan jam tangan baru dengan tipe Forerunner 225, jam tangan ini merupakan running watch kelas menengah yang memiliki harga terjangkau tetapi memiliki fitur yang boleh dikatakan mumpuni. detail

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