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Mikroskop Biologi Olympus CX21

Mikroskop Biologi Olympus CX21
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Deskripsi :

The Olympus CX21 are designed for long-term use. To minimize the danger of parts getting lost or damaged during transport, the eyepiece, objectives and condenser are all factory-attached to the body, and the revolving nosepiece is firmly fixed to the wide, rigid arm. An anti-fungus treatment is applied to the objectives, eyepieces and observation tube to help assure consistent image clarity and long operating life even in hot, humid working condition. Both models offer excellent basic performance and reliability. For environmentally friendly performance and reduced running costs, the CX21LED reduces the need for frequent lamp replacement by using a light-emitting diode (LED) with a lifetime of approximately 20,000 hours. A mirror unit is available as an optional accessory, allowing either model to be used in locations without access to electrical power. The rackless stage helps prevent accidental hand injury, and offers reliable, abrasion-resistant operation for smooth, continuous stage movement. A mechanical stage focus-lock prevents accidental contact with the specimen and makes it easy to refocus when the specimen is changed.

Model CX21LED CX21
Optical System UIS2 (Universal Infinity System) optical system
Illumination System Built-in transmitted illumination system, 0.5WLED Built-in transmitted illumination system, 6V20W halogen bulb
Focusing Stage height movement (coarse monement stroke: 20mm)
Fine focus graduation: 2.5μm
Revolving Nosepiece Fixed quadruple nosepiece
Stage Wire movement mechanical fixed stage: 120 x 132mm
Traveling range: 76mm (X) x 30mm (Y)
Single specimen holder
Observation Tube 30°inclined binocular tube
Interpupillary distance adjustment range: 48-75mm
Condenser Abbe type with aperture iris diaphragm N.A.:1.25
Objectives Plan Achromatic objectives (anti-fungus)
4x N.A.:0.10 W.D.:18.5mm
10x N.A.:0.25 W.D.:10.6mm
40x N.A.:0.65 W.D.:0.6mm
100xOil N.A.:1.25 W.D.:0.13mm (CX21LEDFS1/CX21FS1 only)
Eyepiece (10x) Field Number (F.N.): 18(anti-fungus)
Optical Accessories Mirror unit, 15x eyepiece (F.N. 12, anti-fungus), wooden storage bov, filar micrometer, wire pointer, filter holder, darkfield stop, cord rest (CX21 only)
Weight Approx. 6Kg
Rated Voltage/Electric Current AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.4A AC 100-120/220-240V 50/60Hz 0.42/0.25A
Power Consumption 1.7W 18W

CX21 dimensions (unit: mm)